50th Birthday poem

By Paul London

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Happy birthday 50 / fifty year old Happy 50th birthday!

This is a 50th birthday poem that I wrote after being contacted for a special poem for one of birthdaypoetry .net's readers. Although relatively simple, it attempts to fulfil the remit of being mildly humorous (in the gentle knocking of the recipient's tenderness regarding their age) but mostly loving. Please feel free to use this poem in your own greetings cards or best wishes on someone's birthday.

So, you've reached 50 - that isn't so old,
or so all the rest of the young ones are told
whenever they tease you about the way
you blush when we mention your special day.

But like or not, you're special to us
and birthdays like this are more worthy of fuss,
as we celebrate your first half century
- all the glories and stories from your memory.

A birthday is not about how old you are,
It's not about distance you've travelled so far -
It's all about family coming together,
And all of us being there, now and forever.

Any centenary poetry, eg. fiftieth or one hundredth birthday is bound to be a wonderful time to send a poem for someone's birthday. If you know anyone who's approaching fifty (50!) or one hundred (100!) then please send them a fantastic, funny and loving birthday poem.

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