Best friend birthday poem

By Paul London

Holding hands Best friends - precious

This is a birthday poem for a best friend. Best friends are amazing people who are the very pinnacle of what you want from a buddy. You know that they'll always be there for you... when the rain starts to fall, as the Rembrandts once said. Friends - not just a comedy TV series, but the best thing ever. Happy birthday poetry buddy!

You're the greatest friend I have,
you give me so much hope.
When times are dim, you light them up
and give me strength to cope.
You're there when I am at my worst,
a friend who's always true.
And when you find yourself undone
I do the same for you.
We give and take between ourselves,
and laugh when we are through...
without a thought of selfishness
- it's what best friends can do.

I hope you enjoyed that best friends poem. I'm not a huge fan of the phrase "Best friends forever" (or BFF) only because it's very overused. Best friends are those people who are there when you need them, who come to you without asking, who give up their own time and problems in order to help you with yours. They are precious, and we should let them know they are loved.

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