A simple birthday poem for a friend

By Paul London

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Birthday poetry - a friend\'s birthday Birthday poem for a friend

Birthday poem for a very dear friend

When days are down, or round about,
you need a friend to help you out
and make you see the good you do -
a friend who lends their heart to you.

A smile can get you back on form,
a laugh can tether back the storm
- your friend is there, it's what friends do
as you for them, so they for you.

My friend - it may sound odd to say -
but you're my help to guide the way.
A friend's a friend - and though may part -
you'll be there always in my heart.

I wrote this poem with a very special best friend in mind - I hope you enjoy the sentiment and I hope you can use it so send a very happy birthday poem to a friend of yours.

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