Love Birthday poem for Boyfriend

By Paul London

A love poem for a boyfriend Loving your boyfriend

Poems for someone you love are very personal and specialised to your own circumstances. Your boyfriend may be tall, short, cuddly or just plain awesome - but a bf (as I believe the short term goes) is far more than just what he looks like. Your boyfriend will be special in some ways that I cannot know or guess, but hopefully this short verse will show your boyfriend that love is not fleeting, your feelings are very deep and personal, and you love your boyfriend with this poem.

I need support: you're there, you care.
Your love is here and everywhere.
Your heart is pure, your soul divine,
as I am yours, so you are mine.

I long so much for every day
to see your face, hear what you say,
you're everything to me, you know,
a Juliet to your Romeo.

Boyfriend, you are always mine,
a point in life, a light in time.
You will always have my all -
Happy birthday, beautiful.

I hope you enjoy this bf poem, I know a number of people who have sent this birthday poem to their boyfriends and had a very positive response. I know some men find it unusual and a little disconcerting to receive poetry for their birthdays but I want to see if we can change some male minds to enjoy poetry and by providing your boyfriend with this rhyme verse, hopefully you can add a little sparkle to his birthday.