Happy birthday poem - a classic

By Paul London

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Birthday poetry - balloons Birthday poetry - balloons

A poem to say "I wish I could be there"

I wish I could be there with you,
to share the day and care for you.
Instead I wrote this verse to say:
I wish you "Happy Birthday!"

I wish I still could be there more,
to chat and laugh - as friends are for.
We'd sing three cheers and "hip hurray" -
and wish you "Happy Birthday!"

Now go and find your chance for fun
with those you're with, though I'm not one.
I'm there with you in spirits gay
and wish you "Happy Birthday!"

This is clearly a poem for someone whom you cannot be with, for whatever reason. It's somewhat sad but heartfelt - a few verses to say that you really wish you could be there but you can't. Having a birthday without those closest to you, or being in a position where you can't be there for someone's birthday, is often pretty tragic. If you send them this poem, perhaps they'll feel like you're really there after all.

If you ever wish you could be there for someone's birthday (not to be too judgemental on this, but -) make sure that it's for a good reason that you're not.

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