Poem for a friend

By Paul London

Happy birthday my friend Poem to say happy birthday to my friend

Here is a poem that you can send to a friend or best friend - whether for a birthday or not. Missing a friend's birthday is a horrible thing; you get that horrible feeling in your stomach and even though you know that they're going to be cool with it, you still feel like you've been less than a friend. If you've missed a birthday, you can get a belated birthday poem here to apologise your friend - otherwise, check out the following friend poem.

We've been friends forever
suffered in our time together
but we've seen the ups and downs and come out top.

And we'll last at least as long
because our bond is much too strong
and I know our being friends will never stop.

I admit there's been some hardship,
but no break within our friendship
even when those other times were bad.

I'm lucky to have you,
you keep me up when all is through.
Yes - you're the friend I hope I always have.

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