Late Birthday Poem

By Paul London

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Confetti - forgotten birthday

Stuck for knowing how to apologise for being late with someone's birthday? Why not send them a belated birthday poem to make up for it? This is a quick poem for saying "Happy Birthday" when their birth day has already been and gone in the past!

I know, I know - I'm such a fool!
I know you're right to think such things
- I forgot your special day
and all the things that birthdays bring.

So from my heart I want to say,
I'm sorry - but I brought a list:
I hope you have a perfect day
to make up for the one I missed.

You are the best,
you make me smile,
you're generous,
you're versatile,
you give so much,
and take the same,
without a grudge,
or forcing blame -

You are the best at being best,
so here's the thought I must convey
I feel bad but I care so much:
"Happy Late-ish Birthday!"

I hate missing birthdays and I'm usually lost for words and end up ignoring the fact that I've missed it... which then becomes a self-fulfilled prophecy because it then slips my mind. If you have a use for it, I hope you enjoy this belated birthday poem.

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