Farting poem / limerick for ninety year old

By Paul London

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Happy birthday 90 year old! Happy birthday 90 year old!

This is a fun little limerick/short poem for a ninety year old birthday card. It's specific for a man but I'm sure with very little tweaking it could be made suitable for a woman's birthday instead. 90 years old - it's an amazing milestone - and this bit of cheeky humour should be suitable for all ages. 

There once was a man who turned ninety,
who listened to books almost nightly.
Became wiser than Yoda,
an expert at yoga,
and now can break wind more politely.

Everyone likes a good fart joke, right? I mean, I've sat next to those old people on a bus who flaff away like nobody's business, creating all kinds of fruity aromas that you'd normally associate with Christmas style vegetables and a lot of rich eatin'.

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