Writing poetry guides - tips for writing poetry

I am obsessed with writing poetry, and the processes by which I write these poems (or rhymes, or verses) are both simple and eminently copyable. If you've ever wanted to turn your hand to simple poetry writing then I hope these guides are of some use. My intention with these tutorials is to communicate my methods and suggest those ways in which I have found success in writing poetry, and hopefully you will take away at least some useful tips in applying these guidelines to your own wisdom and experience.

What I have also tried to do is avoid list based guidelines, including a "Top 10 ways to write poetry" style format, but unfortunately dogma might require it in certain circumstances. The majority of my concern in these guidelines is, naturally, focused on birthday poetry and love poems. These are the easiest types of poems to write, perhaps more-so when given help to understand good structures for your poem writing.

If you're looking for quick-fix tips on writing poetry, then certainly these guides should still be of help, and thank you for reading!