New baby poem to give as a gift

By Paul London

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Smiling happy baby A smiling, happy baby Kenny Louie

I have written this new baby poem to celebrate the wonderful gift that children bring into our lives. Sure, they can be incredibly hard work (and for pretty much their whole lives) but they really can be absolute blessings, in a very real sense. If you know someone who's just given birth to a new baby and a poem might be the sort of thing their looking for, then please give this poetry a look and give it to a loved one for their new child.

A real life treasure, balled up in your arms,
A face that can soothe all your senses, that calms
all emotions that come but can soon overwhelm,
a blessing that has now come into your realm.

A beautiful creature, your child is so needing,
a voice so demanding but really just pleading
for simple things: comfort, for food or a hug,
your baby will always be your little bug.

I think it's important to remember that even if it's not the baby's 1st birthday exactly, it's still their day of birth that we celebrate when we go to see our friends and family's newborn children. So for this 0th/st/rd birthday, hopefully this lovely poem will help.

"A smiling baby" by Kenny Louie from Vancouver, Canada - Hah!Uploaded by russavia. Licensed under CC BY 2.0 via Wikimedia Commons.