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Use our simple guide below to send the perfect free birthday greetings eCard to your loved one or family member. Choose from any of our birthday poems available and configure your message - then send your online wishes for free.

You will be able to preview your eCard before you send it, and you have a choice of whether to send the card by email, or you can get a link you can text over SMS, IM, or email yourself directly. There are lots of options to make sure that you send your birthday eCard in the right way for you.

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The whole poem is sent directly to your recipient through email. Simple, and easy.
Instead of sending the whole poem over email, your recipient is directed to come to this web site where they will see your poem beautifully presented and with your special message.
The same as the above, but this option will give you with a personalised link which you can then save, text or send to your recipient in your own way.