Birthday poem for a son

By Paul London

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Sunset - a birthday poem for a son Happy birthday son

Birthday poems for family members, especially sons and daughters, are often tricky to get exactly right. On the one hand you do want to say how powerfully strong the bond is between you, without it sounding too sappy. You might want to say how much you love them, but without having to say it so openly. Occasionally you just want to say how much you miss them, but without trying to make it sound desperate. This is a birthday poem for my son that I wrote to try to incorporate as many of those feelings as felt appropriate at the time. Please use it freely to send to your son. 

I look at how the time has gone,
when you and I were both much younger.
Times the light would shine upon,
a love so strong to feed the hunger.

Time, however, spreads the light,
what was so close is now more distant.
I want you to know, though, son,
that family love's no less insistent.

We're proud of what you have become,
a sun to hang our light upon.
This year will see more happy days to come - 
we wish you happy birthday, son.