Birthday wishes poem for best friend

By Paul London

Silhouette picture of friends Best friends - together

Friends are there forever, as the saying goes. It's true though - for every friend I've ever known I have special memories and though I've only ever called on them for help or comfort on a number of occasions, each time I've known that they would be there for me. It's for that reason that I've written this birthday wishes poem for a best friend - a short piece of rhyming poetry that puts across my feelings, and hopefully yours too. Best friends forever? Let's hope so. If it happens to be your best friend's birthday, then this poem is perfect for sending on this special day. Even if it's not - it's a great poem to send for any occasion.

There's never been a time of day,
I felt I couldn't call on you,
in every sense, in every way,
and when my world has fallen through,
you've been the one to pick me up
and find my spirits raising.
You're there to help me come unstuck,
my friend - you are amazing.

I realise that this poem is a little short, but if you take the time to jot it down in your own handwriting, or use the button below to send this poem as an eCard to your best friend, you are certain to make your friend's day so much happier.