The perfect Mum - a birthday poem

By Paul London

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Flowers for mum to say happy birthday with a poem Flowers for mum to say happy birthday with a poem

This is a poem I've written especially for all the perfect Mums out there. Lots of mums like receiving birthday cards and actually read the blurb inside the cover. You know - the bit between your "To Mum" and "Love from" that you normally skip over or think "Yep, that'll do" because actually you've concentrated on the funny picture on the outside of the birthday card. Or at least, that's what I find myself doing all too often. This "Happy Birthday!" poem is to say thank you to your mum.

You've always been there just to care and to comfort me,
Given me hope and such strength so relentlessly,
Made me believe in myself unrepentantly
- you are the perfect Mum.

You've always been someone who's come to mean everything,
Holding the reigns through the pains while I'm battling,
Finally reaching my best through the wrestling
- you are the perfect Mum.

Not to be too cheesy, but this poem is for my Mum too. Thank mum for being great - this poem is dedicated to you.

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