A poem for a deceased loved one

By Paul London

A beautiful red birthday rose A rose for the birthday of a deceased loved one

It's a sad truth that loved ones sometimes leave us before their time, and certainly before ours. What people often don't understand is that as loved ones, there are occasions on which we are bound to remember them most strongly and most fondly: Christmas, New Year, and, of course, their Birthday.

This poem is to celebrate the life of a loved one. I hope you can use this deceased birthday poem to help comfort you from their loss.

I remember the days of the past with a smile,
those memories spring like the hands of a dial
and at once I am back there with you, and your arms
fold round me and I feel so blessed by your charms.

The warmth of that hug, of the memory past,
are stronger and longer and always will last,
and I know that whereever you've gone, you're still here
and these birthday memories will last the full year.

I hope you can use this birthday poem as some sort of comfort to the deceased in your life.

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