Valentines 2012 poem

By Paul London

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Valentine\'s Day Card Valentine's Day Poetry - beautiful and sincere

Valentine's Day is coming around again, and a more special day in 2012 you cannot hope to have. Saint Valentine's Day (to give the 'holiday' its full title) is the day when lovers can express their feelings openly and without embarrassment. From secret admirers to husbands and wives, February 14th is a day that has been used by people to express their love since the days of Chaucer, and, handled well, a beautiful romantic poem can stoke the fires of an existing romance, or even kindle a brand new one. Remember, you can send this poem as an eCard by clicking the 'Send eCard' below this poem.

I hope you enjoy this love poem, written especially for 2012, to help you celebrate Valentine's Day.

Valentine's Day poem

Love is not a fresh red rose,
it's not from cards or purple prose,
it's not what many would suppose,
- it's what I feel for you.

It bursts through banks of water froze,
it opens all that others close,
it's tingling warmth upon your toes,
- it's love I have for you.

It doesn't have to go away,
expiring at the end of day,
I promise you it's here to stay
- this love I have for you.

If you're having trouble knowing whether or not to send a love poem eCard to a secret valentine this year - try to think positively, that any occasion lost is not one that's gone forever. The old adage of 'If you don't make any calls, you won't make any sales' is one that's been made to feel tacky over the years. However, in any light, the suggestion it makes is absolutely true. If you care about someone, if you love them but don't know if they love you, the worst thing you can do is never find out. And even if they don't now, at least give them the opportunity to think about you for a change, this Valentine's Day. Oh, and don't forget the eCard!!