A birthday poem for a loving husband

By Paul London

Rings for married couple Husband poem, happy birthday!

This is a birthday poem suitable for any loving husband. Husband birthday poems, just like boyfriend birthday poems, are not always an easy sell to your hubby. The truth is, however, that if you let your husband know that you've put effort into selecting a verse or rhyme for his birthday, he will read it, and he will care. Men love birthday poems as much as women, they just have to appreciate the effort that's gone into selecting gifts - and hopefully this birthday poem will be a gift to any husband to receive from his wife on his birthday.

A husband who is always true,
a friend who hugs without the cue,
a lover who knows what to do
- that's the man I married.

A husband who is always there,
a friend who knows just how to care,
a lover who is always fair
- that's the man I married.

A husband who is always strong,
a friend who sings a happy song,
a lover I will love so long
- that's the man I married.

I hope this poem, though not strictly for birthdays, shows the strength of feeling that a wife might have for her husband -- and if he is all those things then what a happy marriage they should have! A birthday poem from a loving wife to her fantastic husband, especially on his birthday.